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Charley Harper Title
Pelican Pantry  Sponsored by
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Old Point

March 15 - April 27, 2014

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Exhibit Time:  9am-5pm(Monday-Saturday) and Noon-5pm (Sundays) 

Cost: Exhibit included in general museum admission. VLM members free, non-members $17 adults, $13 children (ages 3-12).

The whimsical and delightfully colorful worksby master illustrator and artist Charley Harper (1922-2007) are returning to the Virginia Living Museum March 15 - April 27, 2014. 

Harper’s life-long love of nature inspired his work and his creativity takes viewers on an artistic and environmental journey shared by people of all ages.

Harper was best known for his highly stylized wildlife prints,posters an book illustrations.  He called his style "minimal realism,"capturing the essence of his subjects with thefewest possible visual elements. Using graphic shapes and bold colors,Harper distilled and simplified complex elements.
Ladybug Lovers
This exhibit also includesinteractive art activities that educate visitors in Harper's style(tangrams, large puzzles, alphabet art table and rubbing stations). Budding artists can sketch a natural science item from the museum’s collections.

Scan a QR code with your smart phone and listen to podcasts (mp3) of puns about artwork in the exhibit and enjoy an interactive experience of both sight and sound!

The exhibitdebuted at the Virginia Living Museum in 2010 and has been traveling the country to art and science museums. The exhibit iscentered around the personal collection of Executive Director of theVirginia Living Museum, Page Hayhurst and her family. 

The exhibit also contains 60 prints from Harper's Birds at Feeding Stations that first appeared in the Ford Times Magazine in the 1950s. These prints are exhibited courtesy of the Charley Harper estate.

Harper's nature-oriented artwork is often contrastedwith the realism of John James Audubon and the simplicity found inInuit Art. Harper used many media in his artwork, though he is bestknown for his serigraph prints. Best known for the children's book “TheGolden Book of Biology,” Harper was an extraordinarily prolific graphicdesigner contributing his unique, geometric style to a wide range ofpublications. This exhibit is sure to delight and entertain the artlover an animal lover alike!

Many of Harper’s works incorporated visual puns and were accompanied by word puns. Often the puns were commentary on the peculiar habits of a species or the struggles in nature. Others were just fun repartee about the natural subject at hand be it fish, or fowl.  Listen to the audio files below:

Big Rac Attack
Bittern Suite
Blue Jay Bathing
Dam Diligent
Devotion in the Ocean
Dolfun Fearless Feathers
Flamingo-a-go-go Hares Breadth
Herondipity Ladybug Lovers
Love on a Limb
Manatee in the Mangrove
Pelican Pantry
Pfwhoooooooooo Piscine Queues
Savoring Sycamore
 Unzipped  Vowlentine  Whitecoat    

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Dinos Live! May 24 - Sept. 1

A new gang of dinosaurs are coming to town this summer at the Virginia Living Museum!

Roaring, stomping robotic prehistoric creatures have been a popular attraction every time they’ve been featured at the Newport News museum. But this year, for the first time, the VLM will feature the lifelike creations of Billings Productions, North America's leading producer of animatronic dinosaurs.

The summer exhibit, from Memorial Day to Labor Day, will take visitors back more than 65 million years to the cretaceous period when Tyrannosaurus Rex ruled North America.

Tremble at a growling T-Rex, always a favorite with museum visitors. Other dinosaurs are making their museum debut. Watch an Edmontosaurus mother tend her brood. There’s even a nestful of eggs ready to hatch. See Euoplocephalus, built like a military tank, and Styracosarus, one of the most spectacular of the horned lizards. Citipati’s tall head crest is similar to that of a modern cassowary.

Built by Billings Productions, Inc. of McKinney, Texas, the robotic dinosaurs use air pistons and state-of-the art electronics under steel frames covered with detailed foam rubber.

New this summer will be a tented outdoor dinosaur excavation area. Amateur paleontologists can dig through a mound of fossil-filled sediment and then sift out fossils they can take home.


Step back in time with DINOS LIVE! Learn and appreciate the world’s prehistoric past and uncover its lessons for our planet’s future.


From Memorial Day through Labor Day, the museum is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.


Cost: $17 adults, $13 children (ages 3-12); ages 2 and under and VLM members free.




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