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Big Blue Crab Challenge

Big Blue CrabHelp the Bay by reducing your carbon footprint.
Register by April 20 and document your activities
for one month for a chance to win a prize.

The Chesapeake Bay is in our backyard.  We rely on this valuable resource for recreation, for protection from storms, for seafood; it’s up to us to help out the Bay by doing our part to protect it.  By reducing our carbon footprint we can help our precious Chesapeake Bay as well as its surrounding habitats.    Human activity is increasing the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses in our environment which can cause changes in our Chesapeake Bay – changes such as warming temperatures and acidification; increased nutrients and pollutants.  These changes are harmful for our Chesapeake Bay – especially our blue crabs! 


What can you do to help? 

By making small changes in your daily habits, you can help protect the Chesapeake Bay, its surrounding habitats, and help our planet be a better place to live!

If you do your part for one month AND keep track of your activities YOU could win a prize!


The Challenge:

It’s easy:

  • Step One – Sign up. Then, calculate your carbon footprint (with information provided to you), and take a quick and easy quiz about recycling and helping the bay.

  • Step Two - For 1 month (starting April 20) document your activities reducing, reusing and recycling.
  • Step Three - Recalculate your carbon footprint, take a quick follow up quiz, and turn in the information by May 31.  That’s all!

If you have done the most to reduce your carbon footprint you will win a prize!


Who Can Participate? Families, Individuals, Clubs, Churches, Anyone!

Prizes:  First, second and third place prizes will be given to participants who have shown the most change overall AND have met all the eligibility requirements. Donors to the prizes include Bass Pro Shops, Berret's Seafood Restaurant, Trader Joe's, and Waypoint Seafood and Grill..

The Particulars:

Links to registration materials, a daily log, and suggestions to help you are below.  To be eligible for the prize, you must provide all of the documentation requested on the registration form. Our prize winner will be announced on the Museum’s website and Facebook page.


Email Susan Summers for additional information  or call 757-595-1900 ext 222.

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